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Hope Mission is the mission ministry of Hope Movement. We believe that every child of God is called to proclaim the Gospel and make the Kingdom of God visible to people. We see it as our mission to equip believers and to create new ways in which many can be saved through the proclamation of the Gospel. Living mission in everyday life is not an option for us, but a matter of course. 

Hope Mission ist das Missionswerk des Hope Movements. Wir glauben, dass jedes Kind Gottes dazu gerufen ist das Evangelium zu verkündigen und das Königreich Gottes für Menschen sichtbar zu machen. Wir sehen es als unsere Aufgaben, die Gläubigen darin auszurüsten und neue Wege zu schaffen, wie viele durch die Verkündigung des Evangeliums gerettet werden können. Mission im Alltag leben ist für uns keine Option, sondern eine Selbstverständlichkeit. 


Do you want to learn to bring revival and transformation in metropolitan Berlin and be trained to be a leader in the process? Then come into conversation with us about serving as a staff member with us in a leadership capacity!

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We are looking for financial partners, as well as partners who will stand with us in prayer. Become a part of Hope Mission by supporting us financially in our initial recruitment and/or receive regular prayer requests so that you can stand with us in prayer! 



Our Revival Weeks have become the evangelistic highlights of our Hope Center church over the past few years. After a few days of teaching and How - Tos on evangelism, we conduct outreaches for 3 days in one location where the presence of God fills the place through worship and prayer, the Gospel is presented and preached in creative ways, and people are led to the Lord in one - to - one conversations. We have seen many come to the Lord and experience God in just a few days. We want to experience this in other major cities with partner churches in the future. 


Can you imagine organizing a Revival Week together with us in your church? Then we would be happy to talk to you about it! 

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